Aus Stefanie Oberhoff
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Art project at the border of theater, installation and public intervention


God doesn´t sleep since satan burned his bed!


Changing perspective: Come to camel country!

The vice minister for the congolese population in the diaspora, media representatives and social experts from congo visit Pakistan to prepare a campain to make Pakistan more attractive for african friends and refugees.

They look for cooperation partners, preduce an advertising film and present the new partner country at home. Representatives from Pakistan will be there guests.


Lambert Mousseka
Huma Mulji
Stefanie Oberhoff
Hubert Mahela (or JPK)
Patience or Mamie
Sarnath ?


Commercial theater
Claire Pamment
Asma Mundrawala
Saife (bzw Television, Video, Pak)


14. 12. 2009 - 08. 01. 2010 (bzw. 23. 11. 2009 - 15. 12. 2010)

Presentation - Where?

Lahore - Karachi? Commercial theatre? Annemarie-Schimmel-Haus

A conference addressed to congolese population.

They will present videos from Congo. Interviews: What is Pakistan? They will present the video of the campagn "Come to Pakistan" They will present a completly new Pakistan to the world. There will be installations, videos, performance.

Guests from Pakistan.

50 Afroperrücken

Brainstorming: Get rid of prejudices. Pakistan is sexy. Pakistan has hips. Discover 5000 years of culture. Television theater from Congo. Interviews in congo (What is Pakistan?) Billboard (with screenings), massacre - holy war, people sending money home, immigration, Nationalism, Campeign (delegation deputy and Kanal Kin, etc.) (Strong country - proud), Publicity- Politics, Changing perspectives, Fufu-workshop on stage in commercial theatre, Preproduced interviews with faked congolese and pakistan ambassadors, politicians, etc in France and Belgium

Sources: Spike Lee: Bamboozeled Cadeau - Hubert Fest des Huhns

Themes Claire: Rich bosses, rich men Europe, the whites Racism servants

Popular theatre, Congo, NDOKI ZOBA

Popular theatre, Congo

Makrani song, Pakistan

Trance Dancin Lahore

Nagadiadia, Congo


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